Can you break SEO forever? SEO help for Etsy, Google – How to start a business

The one thing I’ve learned about SEO since 2006. Let’s discuss.


  1. Kimberly Zamlich says:

    Is this covered in HTU? I am signed up but am starting; due to many life obstacles, I am slow. Can you go thru HOW TO INSTALL, USE, INTERPRET analytics? Walk us thru a few examples? Thank you, thank you, Renae!! PS: how is the cute dog you have been dogsitting?

  2. SALTED Design Studio says:

    more SEO, never enough SEO for Etsy & Site… <3

  3. Earlene Worsley says:

    Hello I wanted to know do you currently have a product line that I can look at on line? And also I notice you mention Las Vegas I currently live inHenderson NV but I’m moving to Gilbert az soon, just wanted to know do you see Vegas as a good area for a handmade business? I don’t know if you still live in Vegas but its changing drastically, and I’m no longer interested in being here but was wondering did you make more sales in Vegas when you had your wedding invitations?

    • Earlene Worsley says:

      Renae Thanks for the response back appreciated

    • Renae Christine says:

      Hi Earlene, I no longer have a handmade business, just the classes now. With the internet, it doesn’t really matter where you are, it’s just about how much work you put into it 🙂

  4. cillalilly says:

    Finding the TIME to work on seo while making hand-made items is more of an issue for a lot of us.

  5. Anna Grunduls says:

    Yes for an SEO webinar!

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