Pinterest Hacks|MUST WATCH Pinterest SEO Tips For Business

Must Watch Pinterest Hacks, Pinterest seo tips for your business, In this video, you will learn exactly how to optimize your pins and make them rank high up in the pinterest search for any keyword you like! Read the complete post here!

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  1. TaketimetoEat says:

    This information is priceless! It will be a large amount of views in a couple years when people catch up

  2. Julie Roy says:

    Another great video!

  3. Elaine Vasconcellos says:

    Hi, really like all the info. Just a quick question how did you add your link when you comment on Oh Joy’s pin?

  4. Alaa Eldool says:

    Thank you so very muck ,I learn a lot from you & I am always checking for your new videos. I would like to ask about travel pin how you did it ? Thanks

    • Life Styling Space says:

      Alaa Eldool Thanks for your comment, I am always happy to be of service. I used canva to creat it, I downloaded each image separately from the site and I used an infograph free template on canva to create it. Do you want me to create a video about it?

  5. gardening with fat steve says:

    I really love your videos and I’ve learned a lot already. But is it possible to make a video about group boards specifically? I know how to get in, but how does it just work? Do you repin your pins? Do you make group board specific pins? Can you use the same SEO tactics? Thx for sharing all your information.”

    • gardening with fat steve says:

      you’re the star

    • Life Styling Space says:

      gardening with fat steve hey I thought I replied you, I just saw that I only hit the thumbs up without replying. yes you can use all of the methods I showed in the video on your pin and when you are done, you can go ahead and pin them to all your group boards. I will make the video later.

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