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Does your website not deliver as many visits from Google as you like? Properly optimizing your content for the search engines is key… In this video, you can follow along as I coach a friend on how to implement SEO best practices for his website and niche.

So in this video,, we do just that…

My friend Billy Elusive’s site has been stagnant in the search engines for years. He used to be on aggressive content publishing schedule, but is not receiving the results he once enjoyed.

This is because Google has changed the game on search engine optimization many times over the years.

Publishing 500-word articles every day is no longer enough… Google wants to see in-depth posts linked to other relevant in-depth posts all positioning your website as the authority on a specific topic.

How do you do that?

Great question… The first step is to come up with the different main categories that your content falls under.

Using the keyword research tool you can find out which ones of these have the highest potential search volume and lowest competition.

Once you’ve identified the first main area you want to build an SEO silo within, you then do more research for the long tail keyword phrases around that topic.

Once you find the main tear to keywords, you can begin to look at the specific post topics in the tier 3 keyword phrases.

When you publish your content the tier 3 content links up to the tier 2 content…. And the tier 2 content links up to the top tier content for your main keyword phrase.

When you build out your content marketing strategy in this way you’re able to leverage your own sites authority plus the authority from social media while giving Google hyper-targeted content pieces that are incredibly relevant to your users’ needs… All increasing the likelihood of top Google rankings.

This method also allows you to focus on the longtail keywords first. You can find the low hanging fruit phrases, dominate those, then build your authority while driving traffic from day one.

As you continue to pick the low hanging fruit and your website grows in authority you build a stronger presence that can rank you for the tier 2 keyword phrases and eventually the tier 1 keyword phrases.

Being of service to your audience is always the goal.

Using the keyword research tool in a way that allows you to identify the segments of your audience that are being underserved with valuable content… Those with low competition… Is the best place to start your search engine optimization process.

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