SEO Tools for Small Businesses

Any small business with a website on the internet needs to know and consider SEO in their website development. There are hundreds of SEO tools available, but this video will outline some of the most popular and useful tools out there. The video starts by discussing the most popular search engine on the web – Google. Google has a wide-range of SEO tools available, but this video highlights some of the most popular. Included in this description are Google Analytics, Insights, Trends, Webpage Tool and Keyword Planner. The video then discuss another popular company – Moz. The video explains how Moz Local Listing is a must-have for any small business targeting local customers. And you’ll learn why Moz Open Site Explorer is the best SEO tool available for backlinks. SERP and SEM are discussed next in the video. These SEO tools deal mostly with ranking, both past and present. The video ends by touching on some additional SEO tools small businesses might find useful. These include SEO tools by Browseo that help monitor webpage crawlers and Pingdom Speed Checkers to help address slow loading pages. This video highlights many of the most popular and useful SEO tools on the market, though there are too many to name them all!

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