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How Do Translators Learn SEO?

A Google search with three little letters, S E O, brings up 377 million results in less than a second. Which seems pretty overwhelming. Three questions come to mind when translators want to learn SEO:

1. How can you sort the wheat from the chaff?

Let’s say you do what most people do and click on the first few results at the top of the page (well done, you just proved the importance of optimization). But do those sites really suit your needs? Will they help you understand what SEO really is?

2. How can you get to grips with the technical terms mentioned in the articles?

In other words, how to avoid ‘searches about your search’ and opening endless tabs. We’ve all done that!

3. How can you apply what you just found?

You will find in this video a summary of what SEO is, focusing on the essence of the material and getting rid of everything that isn’t relevant to translators and copywriters.

In other words, you get information suited to your professional needs (*) and soon I will send you a clear guidance on how to implement it straight away. (* It’s up to you if you want to use it for your own web presence, I won’t be mad :-))

Take a look at the video, and then I’ll be back with some more insights at the bottom of the page.

Hey, no cheating! Video first!

In 1996, Bill Gates said “Content is King”, and ever since, optimized content has been on a steady rise. Until now, far too few translators learn about SEO techniques even though content is the one aspect that we can help with. How? Two magic words: “Natural Language”.

Search Engine Optimization is tuned toward users, not search engines, so to understand the user’s needs and expectations, we have to understand their natural way of speaking … and we do so.

What about telling your clients about it?

This is my first answer to the oh-so hot topic of “What is SEO”. I will keep sending more input in a few days and begin the step-by-step implementation of content optimization techniques. Be sure to go to the website www.translators-learn-seo.com and register to the newsletter to get a new video every week.

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